About us


To innovate and practice regenerative organic agriculture practices to offer practical solutions to world biggest social and ecological challenges regenerating soil and land that support us. 


Firfirey Organics strive to produce nutrient dense quality food having positive environment impact, enriching social context and being financially sustainable.


Firfirey Organics is more than just a farm; it’s a commitment to regenerative agriculture in the heart of Tanahun, Nepal. Nestled in a rural village, our mission is to rekindle the joy of small-scale, sustainable farming, much like the small bamboo crafts, known as “Firfirey,” that brought happiness to our childhoods. We are dedicated to the principles of production, research and development, innovation, agri-tourism, and community development to rejuvenate farming through regenerative practices. Taking natural forest as a perfect model for our farming practice, we follow regenerative agriculture practices to regenerate the degraded soil, ecosystem and society.

We are dedicated towards growing nutrient dense products of veggies, herbs, flowers, fruits, chickens and fishes. We offer seasonal opportunities for internships and volunteering in our farm. We offer visitors with a typical farm stay experience. We are focused on technology generation and development with continuous on-farm research to bring back the life in farming through regenerative agriculture practices.