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This season we are comming with an exciting offer.


There is no more reliable source of fresh organic food than a local farm. There is no better way to get this food then from a farmer who produces and delivers at your door step.

Every week, from November -March, we are delivering combo box of vegetables mainly in two sizes (Small and Big) where you will receive 8-10 different vegetables delivered fresh from our farm to your doorstep.

We grow nearly all of the produces in our farm here at Firfirey Organics, but sometimes, we buy vegetables from neighbouring farmers who grows organically under our guidance.




  1. Authentic Fresh and Organic Vegetables

Our farm located in Tanahun and Pokhara, where we practice organic growing practices for commercial production of vegetables. We are in process of certification and it will still require 2 years to get certified. The products are picked within a day, washed, packed, sanitized and stored in coldroom and is delivered to your doorstep nextday. You will not found such fresh produce in store or market.

2. Know where your food came from

When you go out for shopping vegetables, it will be impossible to track and trace where the produce came from, whether it is safe or not. We are transparent with our production process and with our technology, you will be able to track and trace the very person, the very ground, that grow your food.

3. Support regenerative organic practices

Buying organic food grown in ways you appreciate brings welfare to farmers and is good for human health & environment. Co-sharing the common values and communicating it is the best ways to increase the king of farming you would like to see.

4. Boost Local Economy

With the money you spent to buy local produce, we use that money to buy manures, seeds, feed for fish/livestock, pay for staff and so on. It is the money that is circulated locally which boost the local economy.


What you will receive?

Each member who are registered in our CSA program will receive share of 8-10 vegetables, along with additional share option of herbs, milk products, meat/fish products and fruits delivered two times a week at your doorstep.

A sample of CSA veggie box for winter would be like 1 kg potato, 1 kg cauliflower, 1 kg cabbage, 1 kg greens, a bunch of carrot, a bunch of green onion, a bunch of rayo saag etc.