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Firfirey Organics is more than just a farm; it’s a commitment to regenerative agriculture in the heart of Tanahun, Nepal. Nestled in a rural village, our mission is to rekindle the joy of small-scale, sustainable farming, much like the small bamboo crafts, known as “Firfirey,” that brought happiness to our childhoods. We are dedicated to the principles of production, research and development, innovation, agri-tourism, and community development to rejuvenate farming through regenerative practices.

Organic Growing Practices

Regenerative farming aims to enrich the soil, and prohibits the use of conventional pesticides, herbicides, , synthetic fertilizers and GMOs.

Social Fairness

#Capacity Building # Democratic Organizations # Fair Trade # Good Working Conditions # Living Wages Long Term Commitments # No Forced Labor # Transparency and Accountability

Increased Biodiversity

Integration is the key at our farm. We integrate multiple enterprises and use high standards of land management practices.

Holistic Approach

We care several dimensions and apply principles of regenerative living and well being.

Experience Firfirey

To make the best of your experience at experiences, you can take advantage of the many exciting activities carefully selected for you.

Farm to Table Resturant

We offer a wide choice of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and dairy products from our own-farm resturant. Learn More how you can create an impact eating at Farm to Table Resturant.

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Onsite/Online Courses

We offer online and onsite training on regenerative living and well-being. Get to know how to grow your own organic food, design your future farm, health and wellbeing etc. Click here to know calendar of events we offer this year.

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GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY… Appreciate working in a natural environment and get to know handling multiple enterprises and learn essential life skills as a farmer.

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Book an Event

We host  short-term events, hangout parties, training and meetings in a natural setting with organic foods and fun events. You will never feel bored working/brainstorming in the Firfirey atmosphere.

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